Wedding Budgeting

Wedding Budgeting

With wedding season going to be fast approaching as spring and summer and fall show up again, I’m hoping to be able to get this information out to future brides and grooms in a timely manner!  Whenever there is a wedding there is going to be a wedding budget, either capped or unlimited, but either way there has to be a way to pay for everything.

Unlimited Budgets

Just get the best.  Why not?

Limited Budgets

This is going to be the main focus.

There are certain areas of a wedding that are going to have more importance than other areas.  Each area needs to be thought about and considered carefully.  Now I’m sure I’m going to overlook something because everyone has a custom event designed tho their liking.

  1. Ceremony – this can have a large budget impact by picking the type and place the ceremony will be held.  You could go from outdoor to indoor and depending on if there are rental fees this cost can be all over the place.  Your cheapest option might be to check with your Pastor regarding using the church you attend.  Many will be able to assist you provided that you’ve been attending regularly.
  2. Reception – this is going to be where the entertaining comes in.  Again check if you can remain at the same location as the wedding.  This saves needing to rent two locations, as well as worrying about parking and transportation for all the guests as well.  Now there are also going to be many sub categories here as well…..
    • Catering
    • Setup costs
    • DJ Costs
    • Additional dance lighting etc.
    • Live Performances
  3. Formal Portraits – where are they going to be completed?  There can be additional charges if you go to certain places there may be additional charges incurred as not all locations will be free.  Sometimes having a nice view around can be extra special but it might be far away from your wedding and reception locations.  This is absolutely worth some additional consideration.

Of course we can’t cover everything in a quick blog post so if you have any specific things to discuss in further detail, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will try to help in any way possible.

Also if you happen to be a wedding vendor and would like you can contact us to further discuss cross promotion.

Wedding Portraits

We had a request and fulfilled it with a smile to capture this small memorable wedding day with Bernie and Cecilia. It was great having some time free on their special day to give life long memories for them as they sealed their marriage officially.