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Engagement Excitement

When TRUE LOVE HITS, it will climb mountains…walk through the seas…and conquer the sky ! You will endure all the odds of life just to be with someone you call, LOVE. This adorable couple Martika and Rob celebrated their engagement and we were the witnesses not just photographers, how this so called LOVE will blossom to life. So happy for both of you! Love conquers all!??

Wedding Portraits

We had a request and fulfilled it with a smile to capture this small memorable wedding day with Bernie and Cecilia. It was great having some time free on their special day to give life long memories for them as they sealed their marriage officially.

St. Mary’s R C Church – Welland

This is a quick shot taken on the way by St. Mary’s R C Church in Welland Recently.

I included the contact information below however have not hyperlinked the URL because I tried to load the website and it was showing that it was disabled.

Perhaps if anyone has alternate website information available they could contact me so I’ll be able to properly hyperlink the church website.

St. Mary’s R C Church
Welland, Ontario
(905) 734-3143 ?

St. Mary's R C Church - Welland